I have been modifying and off-roading Ford Rangers since I purchased my first Ranger in 1992.

In 1999, I created ‘The Ranger Station’ (www.therangerstation.com) as the Internets leading resource for off-road Ford Ranger and Bronco II enthusiasts. My goal was to share the modifications I had made to my Ranger, and create a place for other enthusiasts to share information as well.

I began offering a few custom fabricated parts to enthusiasts in 2004. In 2005 I created James Oaks Enterprises LLC, and did business as ‘TRS Fab & Off-Road’.

In 2007, I decided to expand and see if I could offer off-road related parts to Ford Ranger / Bronco II enthusiasts at reasonable prices. I did this by creating a new online store, and offering products from a variety of manufacturers. My simple goal was to have my suppliers drop ship directly to my customers, and keep my operating expense to a minimum.

At the end of 2010 I decided to drop the DBA (Doing Business As) ‘TRS Fab & Off-Road’ and simply operate under the primary business name of James Oaks Enterprises LLC.

I began relocating at the end of 2016, and decided to take some time off to get settled. When I looked at re-opening the online store at the end of 2017, I wasn’t happy with the software I was using. It simply wasn’t mobile friendly, and I began the process of changing it. In January of 2018, Ford brought me to Detroit to see the debut of the all new Ford Ranger, and my passion for the truck sent me back home to finish rebuilding this online store.

I’m not a big company. Sometimes I can’t even offer products at a price that competes with the big stores. What I am is a Ford Ranger enthusiast – just like you. I didn’t create this store to get rich. I’m just a Ford Ranger enthusiast trying to help out other Ford Ranger enthusiasts.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit my store!


James Oaks