TeraFlex Trail Recovery Kit
TeraFlex Trail Recovery Kit
TeraFlex Trail Recovery Kit With 30 Foot Recovery Strap. Functioning as an all-in-one safety kit, this TeraFlex 5028995 Recovery Gear Bag with a 30 Foot Recovery Strap is essential baggage for all off-road enthusiasts. This recovery gear bag includes everything you may need to get your 4x4 off-road machine moving should you become stuck. This recovery gear bag includes a heavy-duty tool bag, two D-ring shackles, a keychain deflator, a 7 foot tree strap and a 30 foot tow strap both with a 20,000 pound rating. Essentially, this recovery gear bag will cover every tool you may realistically need when performing various pulling tasks with your off-road 4x4. All in all, this bag is an incredible value to keep you moving on the trail. Don’t head into the woods for a trail ride without this essential recovery gear bag from TeraFlex! Features and Benefits:
  • Premium recovery kit
  • Incorporates all the basic recovery tools
  • Incredible value
  • Compact size for easy storage
  • Easy to use
Gear Bag Includes:
  • Heavy duty tool bag
  • 7 foot tree strap (20,000lb rating)
  • 30 foot tow strap (20,000lb rating)
  • Two D-ring shackles
  • Keychain air deflator
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Smittybilt Premium Winch Accessory Bag/Kit
Smittybilt Premium Winch Accessory Bag/Kit
Smittybilt's Premium Winch Accessory Bag is a must for any Jeep or off-road vehicle owner. Contains all the fundamental winch rigging tools needed for recovery and performing other winch operations.
  • Everything you need to get out of any off-road jam
  • Use a tree as an anchor with the 4"x 8' 40,000 lb tree trunk protector
  • An amazing value
  • 17,600 lb. snatch strap is perfect for changing direction of pull or additional pulling power
  • All the needed trail tools to get the job done easier and faster
  • Heavy-duty 600-denier bag with strap
Bag Contains:
  • (1) 3" x 30' 30,000 lb. Recovery strap
  • (1) 4" x 8' 40,000 lb. Tree trunk protector
  • (1) Premium work gloves
  • (1) 17.6k lb. Snatch block
  • (2) 3/4" D-Rings
  • (1) 5' of 5/16" choker chain with hooks
  • (1) Heavy-duty 600-denier bag with strap
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Warn Medium Duty Winching Accessory Kit
Warn Medium Duty Winching Accessory Kit
To go prepared means not only having the right winch and mounting system, but also the correct accessories to go along with it. Whatever your needs, combining your Warn winch with the correct accessory kit makes your winch a more versatile and productive tool. Warn offers various accessory kits best suited to your specific winching needs, all in one protective storage bag.
  • Designed for 9,500 lb capacity winch with 5/16 inch wire rope
  • Includes a 4 in x 8 ft tree trunk protector rated to 30,000 lbs
  • (2) clevis D-shackles with 3/4 inch diameter pin
  • 19,000 lb capacity snatch block with grease port
  • 3 in x 30 ft standard recovery strap rated to 21,600 lbs
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Warn Epic Winch Accessory Kit
Warn Epic Winch Accessory Kit
This Warn Medium-Duty Epic Recovery Kit features the right gear to help get you out of tight off road situations. You need quality tools for recovery and Warn delivers the confidence you can depend on. This kit includes premium Warn Epic accessories that wear durable powder coatings that protect against abrasion and the elements and stand up to the most rigorous recoveries. The components fit neatly inside the modular backpack, which also acts as a winch line damper, and is easy to transport. This kit is designed for winch capacities up to 12,000 lbs. Product Details: Quality Warn Epic accessories stand up to most rigorous recoveries Heavy weight carrying bag keeps all of your gear organized and safe All included parts are made from the highest quality materials Parts Included: (2) Forged 3/4" Epic Shackles with E-Coat/Powder Coat Finish (for 18,000 lb. Winches and Under) (1) Epic Tree Trunk Protector (2" x 8'; 14,400 lbs. Rating) (1) Epic Snatch Block for Winch Capacities Up To 12,000 lbs. (1) Premium Recovery Strap (2" x 30', 14,400 lbs. Rating) (1) Winching Gloves with Kevlar Reinforcement and Synthetic Leather (1) Backpack Carrying Case Amazon's Price:
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