The Goal:

Using this site is likely going to be a different experience than what you’ve experienced in the past. Like you, I’m a Ford Ranger enthusiast, and have been wrenching on my own Ranger’s since the early 1990’s. The About Me Page’ will give you more insight in to me, and how I do business here. Basically, I’ve tried to help other Ford Ranger owners get the off-road parts they need at a cheaper price, whenever I could. If I didn’t have it, or if I knew someone had it much cheaper, I’d tell people.

Why Am I Showing You The Amazon Prices?

When I redesigned my store, I decided to add an Amazon link with every item that showed you what amazon is selling the same product for. They may be cheaper, they may be more. If they have the item cheaper, I want you to know.

See the example below:

In this case, I have it cheaper. Not by much, but cheaper. If you want to buy from me, then you simply click ‘ADD TO CART’. If Amazon has it cheaper, then click the orange ‘Buy Now’ button on the Amazon link.

What’s Offered Here And What’s Linked To Amazon:

From time to time I find things that I wish I could offer, but don’t have access to.

If the item is something that I’m actually selling, it will have an ‘ADD TO CART’ button under it:

If it’s an item that I’m recommending on Amazon, it will say ‘ORDER PRODUCT’:

The buttons will go bold when you cursor over them:

The items I’m recommending on Amazon will still have a product page, but instead of an ‘ADD TO CART’ button, it will have a ‘ORDER PRODUCT’ button:

Checking Out:

Obviously, anything you find that’s at Amazon will go through their shopping cart.

Anything you find here will go through a Paypal shopping cart on the Paypal secure website. I do not receive or keep any of your credit card information.

Check The Price:

You may want to click on any products with ‘Add To Cart’ listed under them to check the price. You may find that the amazon link on that page has it listed at a cheaper price!

Prices are subject to change. Amazon product prices change, and may not always reflect what’s being displayed on the Amazon product banner. Feel free to use the Contact Form if you find a product page that needs updated.


Thanks for your interest, I look forward to seeing you on the trail!